What does it mean to be a representative in a constellation?


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What does being a representative mean?

A person is asked what their issue or intention is and a few questions about any unusual events in their family. (This is for the person who is doing his constellation).

The facilitator then suggests which family members may need to be set up initially and asks the client to choose people from the group to represent these family members (with their agreement). THe client is asked to take each representative by the shoulders and to move them intuitively to where they need to be in the space in the middle of the group.

Representatives are then asked to wait until they begin to feel sensations in their body or a desire to move. After a while the faciltator moves around the constellation asking what they are experiencing in their bodies (How do you feel as ?).

Sometimes representatives are asked to remain silent and simply to follow their movements of their body.

It's amazing and quite unbelievable what then happens. It is as if these representatives actually become the people they are representing and many times their reporting has been borne out as extremely accurate by the person whose family is being set up. Some people refer to this as " movements of the soul" (BERT HELLLINGER). And it's possible if you wait to feel the shift from what should be referred to.

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