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Nerti online Zoom

Free yourself from your irrational fears, phobias and fears.

1 h

63 €

Online Session

Service Description:


What is it?

NERTI stands for "Nettoyage Émotionnel Rapide des Traumatismes Inconscients," which translates to "Quick Emotional Cleansing of Unconscious Traumas." It is a method for releasing uncontrollable fears (phobias, anxiety, panic, shyness, etc.) that synthesizes several approaches, including meditation, sophrology, TIPI (Technique for Identifying Unconscious Fears), and PRI (Past Reality Integration), mainly. It was developed by psychotherapist Luc Geiger.

For whom? For what?

NERTI is particularly recommended for:

All types of fears and phobias, such as fear of places, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, fear of elevators, fear of highways, fear of animals (insects, spiders, snakes, etc.). All abnormal emotional reactions, such as fear of abandonment, excessive shyness, jealousy, irritability and anger, anxiety. All abnormal disabilities, such as procrastination, difficulty taking action, fear of success, fear of public speaking.

Contact Details


Suzanne Cerutti Chemin des Charbonnières 52, 1675 Vauderens, Suisse

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