Types of Consultations



Constellations may work on issues with your family of origin or current family, or any other sphere in which we interact, for example, professionally or socially.  When faced with difficult life situations of any kind, such as, relationships, behaviours, dependenciesI can tune into them and provide guidance in order to help you to understand what is hidden in these situations and how to deal with them. I will use interactive tools to enable you to have insights - a gentle and non-threatening approach.

I will guide you with the systemic constellation towards more harmony, love and balance.

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NERTI en ligne et en présence

Fast emotional cleaning of traumas. Do you have fear of heights, certain animals or situations in your life (such as driving, speaking in public...), we can help you. This method can help you to effectively clean your traumas. Through body awareness we cleanse the link between traumatic memory and hyper reaction to free yourself. In one or two sessions you can have amazing changes in your life and free yourself. This is not hypnosis.


Energy Work, Reiki and guidance (remote sessions and in presence)

From a personal perspective, the Reiki sessions have helped me so much during this Covid situation, helping me to feel calmer and more centred

For the Kundalini sessions, you receive two harmonisations. Each one last 25 minutes.

With the Usui, the session lasts about 45 minutes.

For the distance Reiki the outcome is exactly the same as those received in the presence.

I will use all my experience in Intuition to tune into your energetic field and give you a feedback.

I will draw a card for you with a small guidance also.